Circular Lit25.JPG
  Circular Litany   began when I crumpled and scanned the pages of my poetry thesis. Crumpling my poetry was very therapeutic! I liked both the way the crumpling scattered and rearranged the text, and the texture of the crumpled paper.    
  I decided to focus on a poem-play from my thesis, (“Litany of the Dead: A Opera for Four Saints and a Chorus of Angels”) and choose three crumpled pages. I printed the three crumpled pages in blue, green and orange on a Davidson Offset Printing Press. The paper is Mohawk Superfine. 
 I laminated the prints and cut a series of circles which then were hinged together to create a varied edition of volvelles.   I was playing with the idea of how a circle breaks the hierarchy of the page. The already scattered text can be approached from any angle. The circles of the volvelle can be shifted by the reader, allowing him or her to change the form of the page as well. 
Circular Lit08.JPG
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