It often starts with something dry and didactic: a reference book, a map, a dictionary, or a safety manual. These everyday tools offer a chance to create something unusual out of something mundane, to use visual and verbal storytelling to take the source in an unexpected direction. With the inspiration in hand, I then concern myself with the concept, which always informs the structure or technique. The structure may or may not take the form of a traditional book. Although I have a particular passion for letterpress, sometimes the best way to realize a piece is with screen printing, collage, or even laser printers. I prefer to produce multiples, rather than one of kinds. The text is often my own writing, although I enjoy collaborating with other voices. I strive to create work that's clear and polished as well as thoughtful and whimsical. My reinterpretations can take the form of maps made of crumpled paper, birding guides depicting fantastical creatures, or even etiquette manuals that dole out dating advice to astronauts.